Dream-Marriage Review: Verified Profiles but Pricey


According to the company, Dream-Marriage.com is celebrating 10 years of making dreams turn into reality by matching real women from Russia and Ukraine with their American soul mates. The website insists that it is only for those who seek true love, and says that the objective is to provide a safe, virtual environment for men and women to connect. They can use email, live online chat, and even live video chat to make the connection and get to know each other. Profile, email, and feature benefits are included in membership plans, while paying with credits is required for any of the chat features.

Dream-marriage.com’s so-called free account

There are five different possible memberships offered on Dream-marriage. The Bronze membership is the free one, where users are allowed to create a profile, look at picture galleries, and very little else. The website has a credit system for all membership levels, but it’s pretty brutal for someone who has a “free” account. Free users have to pay credits just to read and reply to messages – 10 credits to open/read, and 10 credits to reply. That’s pretty steep considering the lowest possible price per credit is $0.39… almost 4 bucks just to read a message?



The Silver membership is $9.99/month, the Gold membership is $29.99, Platinum is $49.99, and Diamond is $99.99. The number of messages you can send each month is different in each kind of membership. Silver allows 10 “introductory” emails only and no follow-up messages, while the Gold allows 30 intro and 10 follow-ups, and so on. But at least you don’t have to pay just to open a message?


Paid members pay 1 credit per minute for live chats, while free members pay 2 credits per minute. The same structure applies to voice and video, but if you want a live video chat and actually be able to hear each other, you have to pay for both voice AND video.

It is possible to cancel the membership, but there will not be any refunds of membership or credit fees.



Are the girls on Dream-marriage a scam?

The site boasts that all their women are verified with photo ID before they can post a profile, but that doesn’t mean the girls are actually interested in anything but your money. There are ways to know if the girl is really interested in you and wants to try a serious relationship with you. For example, if they actually give you her personal email and number, or a honest interest in meeting in person or via camera.


There could be girls that write to customers only because they are asked to, not because they are really interested, and it would be a little hard to find that out. And although the website claims that the profiles are verified, I was able to still find some fishy profiles. For example, this profile with a photo with CGI (Computer Generated Graphics).

scam Dream MarriageSo in conclusion, the risks may be quite high in this website.

Summary of Dream-Marriage.com

  • Safe site with verified profiles for women
  • Free account is basically worthless
  • Everything costs money
  • Even the highest level of paid membership doesn’t include everything
  • No guarantee that the girls aren’t “performing” to make money for the site

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