Review: IMBRA Compliant with Mixed Opinions

Advertisements has been offering their services to men from all around the world since 1995. This consists of a dating service to connect you with the most beautiful women from Russia, Ukraine and other countries from Northern Europe. You can register your profile for free, and you may browse thousands of Russian women’s profiles.

Even though registering, browsing and viewing the profiles on the website are free on NatashaClub, further actions are not. If you receive a message from any of the members, you must pay a variable amount of credits just to open a message. For some women, it can be as low as 1 credit, but for others the cost can reach up to 8 credits to read a message. Considering the fact that the minimum cost for the credits is $1 per credit, the cost for reading is pretty steep. However, NatashaClub stresses that this is necessary because, in many cases, translators are required and sometimes the girls don’t have internet access at home, and must access the site through their local dating agency.


Natasha Club

Compared to others, NatashaClub seems pretty legitimate

There are hundreds of testimonials on the website claiming it’s the perfect site to meet your Russian soulmate: happily married couples telling their story of how they found their spouse through the site after much apprehension. The site is also IMBRA compliant, which is a good sign that they are actually interested in facilitating real-life relationships instead of just funneling money out of you as you pay for video chat.


Natasha Club also has lots of potentially useful information for anyone who is really looking for a serious relationship or marriage with a Russian woman, including the procedure for establishing communication outside the site, applying for fiancée visas, traveling to Russia to meet the woman, etc.

The darker side of

However, if you browse the web a little more, you will likewise find hundreds of testimonials stating how this site is a scam. Profiles with professional-looking pictures and contradictory information do not exactly suggest a secure environment to meet a Russian gal, let alone spend so much money to try to actually meet one in person.


Another kind of testimonial you will find about this site are those offered by women who say they worked for These women, who have posted on different review sites and have videos on YouTube, talk in detail about how this website uses the information registered to get money from their subscribers. They also talk about instances when a man, seeking one of these women from Natasha Club, wishes to meet her in person and travels to Russia. Upon arrival in Russia, he does not meet anybody or he meets somebody totally different from the woman in the photo he thought he was chatting with.

Russian brides

Summary of

  • Seems mostly legitimate but users should always be cautious
  • Mixed reviews from users online
  • High costs for communication
  • Extra services like translation and video interpretation available
  • Counseling on travel and marriage visas offered

6 thoughts on “ Review: IMBRA Compliant with Mixed Opinions”

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  2. All dating sites,have a lot of scammers.I have experienced a lot of sites.Every site has appetizers.The most companies have there headquarters in London. Natashaclub has a must of 5 letters to exchange,before getting an girl address.Peter from Wiesbaden Germany.

  3. I would suggest doing your looking in Kiev and with only English speaking girls. The reason is this, even though you may travel to Kiev from a foreign country you will be hard pressed to fins a girl that will meet you there from her town or city. They want it all their way in that you have to go all the way to their city. I feel if there is mutual seriousness about meeting then she should make the effort to come to you a little. The reason I suggest only English speaking girls is that they will insist of having a translator present for what ever amount of time you are together. The problem with this is that the agency charges $30 per hour and expects you to pay for it, not her. The other side of things is that the agencies have put unrealistic fear in the girls with negative stories such that they are afraid to meet you one on one even in a public place. This is just another scam way to sell their translator services as accompaniment services as well. I was told by a translator that the agency will hit your account for $70 just for the meeting even if they have nothing to do with it. Pretty much it has been my experience that the website/agency is trying to get into your pocket big time in every way that they can and they use these pretty girls to do it, Such a shame. Such greed!

  4. Creo que el club es bueno y me gustaria conocer una chica rubia hermosa de ojos azul. Mi correo *** espero me escriba.

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