RussianEuro, Now RussianCupid: Secure with Mostly Genuine Profiles


If you are looking for a good dating website, and if your preferred style of women is Russian, then is a decent option for you, and one of the few that we would recommend in this particular niche. RussianCupid is the newest member of the member of the Cupid Media Group family of dating sites, geared towards people seeking a Russian romantic partner. This site used to be called Now, they have undergone a facelift to escape from the old scamming ghosts that once haunted their profiles and members.

Advantages of RussianCupid/RussianEuro over other sites

RussianCupid is a great place to start if this is the first time you are trying a dating website to find your true love. It offers free registration and free browsing through the many profiles of Russian (and other) women on the site. This way, new users may get acquainted with the options available. If your profile gets any followers, you can receive and read those messages without having to pay a cent. This fact makes it considerably better in comparison to other Russian dating sites that charge you just to open and read messages.


Apart from the regular profiles expected on RussianCupid, you also have the chance to browse thousands of profiles from people all around the world. One interpretation of this feature might be that is hosting profiles from other agencies, and possibly other sites (likely other sites in the Cupid network). The site offers paid memberships (gold and platinum) that give optional access to other exclusive features of the site, but unlike most other sites in this dating niche, the free account can actually get you pretty far.

Scammer problems on RussianEuro lingering on Russian Cupid


Unfortunately, not everything is as smooth and flawless as the photos belonging to the Russian women on the site. RussianCupid has not been able to completely escape from the clutches of those who prowl on this type of dating site to run scams on innocent singles. Despite being a secure site, it is still vulnerable to people who build up fake profiles – even with platinum memberships – and seek out naïve subscribers to scam.

There are many testimonials and reviews of claiming they were scammed for a long time. On the other hand, you can also read some reviews speaking highly of this site, even though these users recognize they had to spend a great deal of time sorting through requests from scammers in disguise in order to finally meet a real Russian girl who wanted a serious relationship.


For this reason, it is highly advisable for every newcomer to carefully read the site information. Also, it is wise to learn tips on how to identify and avoid any possible scammers out to get your money.

Russian Cupido

Summary of

  • Good and secure site
  • Profiles are mostly genuine
  • Free features that make communication possible
  • Paid memberships nice, but not necessary for basic use
  • Still attracts many scammers

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