Today I decided to dive in the website which names itself as the Romantic Ukrainian Social Network. As many other reviews I’ve made, I’ll try to highlight the pros and cons of the website, and also verify how much of what they claim is real. DateUkrainians is part of the network DateVip, which specializes in providing social networking in niches all around the world, including the close niche of, as well as other sites such as and

The first thing I noticed is that it has a far away look than many other dating sites / bride per mail platforms. Instead of using the typical seductive girl cover, they are appealing more to the concept of a couple. Thumbs up for this, as it’s common that many scam sites rely on hypersexualizing women as part of their clickbait strategy.


date ukrainians review

Now let’s take a look about what’s really behind.


The whole process of registering takes less than a minute, and you can do this either by email or using a social media account (Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or VK – the Russian Facebook-). After this you will have to complete your profile with an extensive list of specifications about your appearance, your views in life, money, and so forth. Overall, it may take around 15 minutes filling the profile, which is necessary before you can contact anyone.

The website is available in 17 languages, but of course, you are expected to know some English or Russian to communicate with the women.

Are there women here?


After this tedious step I began browsing the website and realized is indeed Free as they claim. Apparently their only source of income is the advertisements and banners all around the website. There are no limited features and you can immediately jump into messaging, sending photos or recordings.

It has a simple browser with filters which allows you to find potential matches. The women list seem to be quite real, with no ultra fashion girls, and rather pretty and ok women. I noticed that a large amount of profiles are of women above their 40s who are looking for a new start. Most of the women are from Ukraine, but there are also several profiles from Russian and Belorussian women.


screenshot DateUkraine

On the upper window there’s an indicator of how many online users are at the moment. It displayed 25 but as soon as I clicked there were only 6 profiles. This already started to look a little bit odd. I decided to go around the whole profiles and I realized many profiles are empty, and a lot of users have only been online once.

I messaged all of the online users but none of them replied, maybe because my profile is completely empty at the moment. In any case, the website seems to be death empty.

I never completed my profile, but after 24 hours I started receiving some messages. The messages look quite fake and insist on starting communication via phone, email or letters. This is extremely fishy as I don’t even have a picture (but they claim my profile is interesting). Clearly, there are mostly bots in this website. A picture of one of such messages:

scam messages

Alina: Hi, this is me, lonely hearted lady! I hope that you are in a good mood for starting our communication. This is not easy to know a person though the waves of the net, so I think that I will take some time for it. Is it your first experience? How do you usually communicate?



On the good side, I like that the developers have tried to make a safe community oriented to the mutual respect, apparently they monitor a lot to remove fake profiles. The website really tries to promote the idea of a good and healthy relationship.

Perhaps at some moment the developers of Date Ukrainians made a good effort in pulling together the website, but it definitely didn’t succeed. The website seems to be full of old profiles and in general a lack of interest of the participants, not to mention a large amount of fake / scam profiles.

Maybe you want to give it a go for those few real users around, but at the time may be worthless trying to much. Hope you’ve found this review useful.

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