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The site Russian Dating has a long history in the Internet. For what we could find on the web, the site existed back since 2000 and apparently has been in the hands of a couple of different companies. In this article we will focus in the current company running the site and who’s there since 2010.


First impressions


Compared to many other sites of this style, seems to be quite outdated. The interface resembles to one of those old websites pre-MySpace time. Actually a fast look gives us more this impression: the footer is outdated and simply tells us that the site existed from 2010-2011.

The website announces itself as a 100% free website, so I decided to go ahead and create an account. I didn’t get the email immediately so in the meantime I decided to start browsing around the website to see  what I could find.


Also, the website is available in 5 languages: English, German, Russian, Italian and French.

Small community


Russian Dating seems to be a website that targets both women and men looking for a couple. This is quite unusual as usually these websites try to target only men. On the left hand of the website we can see a counter of how many users are online, and there seems to be a relative proportionate ratio (with more men than women but not totally outnumbered).


How the site looks and works


Once I got the email with my account I logged in and uploaded my usual profile for these websites. Then I moved directly into the galleries and faced an odd situation (but also a good one). The website is full of profile of normal people: photos with handy cameras, taken in houses, in the swimming pool and normal places, and all sorts of girls. What I want to say: there were no models everywhere nor typical high quality studio photographs. So I’m quite sure that the women in this website must be real users!

The website is simple and straight forwards: use the search option in the gallery and filter by age, height, weight, religion, among other specifications. Then simply open the profiles of the women (or men) you may be interested and you can directly start chatting with them. There are NONE single hidden prices or limitations.

The chat includes a translation tool (I thinks is based on Google Translate) which will allow to jump any language barrier easily. Thanks Google for that one! Sometimes the conversations may go a little bit weird, but in general is good enough to get to know each other.

The site is for real free and therefore there are no additional functions such as sending presents. Nor the website organizes trips or anything in the style. You are free to communicate via the chat and ask whatever you want. Also, in case you find fake profiles you can help the community by reporting them. The only special function in the website is adding to favorites, you can create a list of people you found interesting and save it for later.

Final thoughts

I’m happy to say that this website is a pearl we have been looking for during quite some time: Free dating sites are hard to found, and not to mention with genuine people. After a couple of hours I’ve started to chat with some girls from Russia and Ukraine, they are friendly and genuine.

Just remember, watch out for fake profiles, and for the rest this website must be for sure a safe place where to meet people. Enjoy!

A fast (simple) interview

So I decided to expand this article and contact the crew from Russian Dating. They replied almost immediately, and although they answers weren’t precisely enthusiastic, gives a reassuring feeling that they were willing to get contacted. Here the short Q/A realized:

  • What’s the main feature that your site offers and others don’t?

Main feature – our site is 100% free.

  •  Do you have success stories available? If so, where can we find them?

Sometimes we receive messages from our members that have found soulmate on on our site. But we don’t publish their stories on our site.

  • Have you (or anyone in the staff) find your soulmate online?


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