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Previous year I made a review from UkraineBrides Agency website which ended up reaching their eyes, and receiving an outrageous neglect of my opinion (I’m still convinced the website is either a scam or full of scam profiles). Today I got an email from the user OlgaSensualtity. Which, number one, is quite a name for a dating site (believe me, real women won’t aim for such nicknames), and the content’s of the message let me wondering once again about the website. I share it with you, now:

hoax messages


Dear myusername , when I saw your profile, I felt a desire to know you closer. Perhaps it’s my intuition? In any case, I think it’s a good chance – perhaps now we make the best choice in our lives.))

I guess we both have a common goal – to overcome our loneliness, fill the emptiness in the heart with the warmth of love and family happiness, to find special person who will not be one of many – he seems to be created just for you / me. Perhaps I am too romantic but I want to find just such person. To complete each other perfectly, to understand, to support at any moment, to talk about everything, to feel the wave of love and tenderness even just by being near or holding hands… well, but what do you want? If our desires and goals do the same, I would like to continue our acquaintance, and to know you closer.


Common goals are very important but I also think that the common interests bring people together. What about your favorite pastime? I am many-sided person who is interested in various spheres of life, but most of all I love art (now I even try my hand at painting), photography, various kinds of creativity; some time ago I studied astronomy and psychology. I lead an active life, love sports and cycling, nature and walks. Would you like to join me in this?)) I will be glad to learn your tastes and interests, and to share them with you (if it’s not too

Dear, now it’s your turn to make a step to me! (wink) I’ll wait for your reply soon. Take care of yourself!



The problem is that since some months ago my profile has been empty (completely empty, no photos nor information). From where would a genuine woman get all this inspiration and write such a message? So either this is a scam profile, or the website itself is hiring people to write messages to user to try to make them spend some money.


I rest my case.

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