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Ukraine Brides Agency

So here it goes it is time to get into the serious business of the site: review dating websites, chat websites and anything related to the love industry around Ukraine. Why? Because out there’s a ton of scam, and maybe the experience of one person (me) with the addition of your comments can help out other fellow brothers. Also, this kind of websites pop up, rise and disappear so fast that I will try to only review websites that have been running for a while (it is highly likely that a website arising in a month is full of fake profiles).

So to begin this section I will check out how Ukraine Brides Agency (link) works out for me, my general experience and the ups and downs. A good aspect is that they have detailed information of how they operate which makes them (so far) look like a real service with a trustworthy personal; one of the downsides is that the company itself is operated by some “Keith Gordon” who resides at New Zealand and from whom I was not able to find much information (though, maybe I could try contacting them directly later on).

What they offer?

Ukraine Brides Agency declares itself as an agency to facilitate friendships and relationships that can eventually turn into a marriage and migration of one of both parties. It seems to be partnership of smaller agencies in different cities along Ukraine.

They offer the possibility to browse through profiles of women, send messages, initiate chat conversations and finally send a broad variety of gifts that go from roses up to jewelry. On the other hand they also work as a travel agency as they can arrange travels for you, a group or persons and also arrange a meeting with some of the women you have been talking with. I’ll go later on about the prices.

My impressions

The first thing I got to say is that even though that they assure that the profiles are 100% real, the advertisements on the front page leave some doubts. All the photos seem to be of heaven models or more, so at the beginning I was a little skeptical. Anyway, creating an account is free so let’s give a first peek to see how the actual service is. Update on this issue.After Keith Gordon contacted me, he explained that a requirement for publishing the photos is that these should look professional and have quality.

Woah, my second impression (once I registered) is actually good. As you can see in the following screen-cap there seems to be a broad variety of persons, and not all the girls are stunning and perfect (which in my humble opinion is a good sign).

Ukraine Dating Agency Review

I decided to look for how real these pictures could, by using the Google Images search tool you can find if a photo has been published elsewhere. This way I was able to notice something good: most of the photos are genuine (haven’t been published in other websites), although I still found some bad things: I found some photoshoped pictures of girls (face cropped into body of models), and other photos which are available in several dating agencies at the same time (Bride Helena, Czech Ladies, Mermeladies, etc… almost always the information is exactly the same).

scam Ukraine Bride Agency Review

I won’t go into details but I am prone to believe this: the profiles have been copied from this website in almost all the cases (by checking date of publication in the other websites); some profiles are fake profiles or at least contain partial fake information, in this case I let you draw your own conclusions.

Anyway, heads up and let’s see how the rest works

My experience

So the next thing I do is create my profile using real information of who I am in real life. As they suggest, I even upload a photo. Here I need to say something important; I am an average person, with some hobbies, nothing special or to be impressed of.

So from here now the options are quite limited:

  • View profiles (but not the private photos and videos)
  • Nudge ladies.

And on the other hand:

  • Receive letters from ladies (but you won’t be able to reply until you pay)
  • Receive nudges.

Oh well, after one hour of being online it turns out that I have got 11 messages from 5 different girls, all of them are messages with romantic intentions that I find hard to believe are for real. Immediately they invite you to chat conversations which also cost so here is the dead end for now.

Ukrain Dating Agency Inbox

They give you 4 credits when you register so let’s see if I can find something interesting or I should just go and take a look on the prices.


Each credit costs $1.25 USD (discounts while buying 50 credits or more, with a reduction up to $1 USD per credit).

  • A message costs 3.60 credits ($4.5 USD)
  • Text chatting costs 0.40 credits per minute ($0.5 USD)
  • Video chatting costs 1 credit per minute ($1.25 USD)
  • Checking the photos costs 0.75 credits per gallery, the videos cost 1.5 credits per clip.
  • The gifts range from 35 credits ($43.75 USD) for some roses up to 300 credits ($375 USD) for some jewelry.
  • And the most important thing: a fee of 100 credits ($125 USD) to get the contact details of a woman.

Well, here it is. The Agency claims to be some of the cheapest out there, I haven’t compared a lot yet, so I couldn’t tell at the very moment.


There are lots of things that make me feel that this website has some scam profiles. The fact that so many ladies contact you in such a short period of time (as I am writing this I think there are already 12 women), the fact that all of them will send you a message and then invite you to chat, and finally the fact that the reply rate of nudging is 100%… All of this seems quite automatic…

But the most disturbing thing is the sort of messages you get, which I find hard to believe can come from real persons. For example:

It is amazing to receive your true interest in me:)I will be happy to know you and to develop our communication. I am here with true feelings as well. I have a wish to find someone who really want have some future.

Do you know that there are five languages of love? Do you want to master those languages with me? As for me I need to have a good partner for it! I know the first language! It is communication….let’s start with it and will see how we know it!)))

Do you know what? I want to be the angel for you! I want to come from the sky for you every day. I will be able to make hot chocolate for you in the morning and we will have breakfast together.

When we can start?:)



See? Between all that gibberish of words there is not a single description of who she really is, just a highly romantic invitation to get to know each other. Be sincere, is the a woman who would write like that on the Internet?

But not everything is bad; actually I found some profiles with sincere descriptions which could actually belong to women there. I am curious to check a little more on the website, but that will have to wait (before spending some money I want to make a list of the sites which seem to be more trustworthy).

Update #1

August 8th

Still, whenever I log in I start getting invitations for Webcams, Chatting and nudges, almost automatically (which only raises my doubts about this service). I will wait for some replies and from there on draw some additional conclusions (if the replies ever come).

Good news on the way

August 22th

At the time I published this post I didn’t expect it will drag so much attention, but it did. It actually reached the Headquarters of the Agency itself who early this morning sent a detailed comment explaining some details of the way they have decided to do their business.

I got to admit I am really glad and impressed with Keith sincere explanation. So I need to add some details to this post:

  • First of all, I have corrected a couple of missleading information of the post. Specially the “score system” which I didn’t think that much, specially because I have no many other websites to compare for the time being.
  • Second, I invite you to read the explanation about the way they handle their business, specially why these letters seem to be so ideal (Read her comment bellow for the full story).
  • Third, I am glad they have taken their time and effort to point out each of my doubts in this post without me even contacting them. And sorry for not trying to reach you before writing this.
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  1. Keith says:

    I am Keith Gordon, owner of Ukraine Brides Agency (, referred to in your article above.

    I live in New Zealand, as you have indicated above. I have written an explanation on our site as to why I set up the site in the first place. I was vacationing in Ukraine and was staying with a family who had 2 daughters who were registered on Ukraine dating sites. These two ladies, as with all their friends were being scammed by the sites. That is correct – the ladies were being scammed.

    They had registered on other sites and had posted all of their best and most professional photos to attract men to them. With thousands of ladies registered you must post professional photos to be noticed. That is why all the photos of ladies on the site look like models – as you allude.

    However, once their profiles are on the site, the owners use them to correspond with men and the ladies do not even know that men were interested in them. I gave my friends an assurance that I would set up a genuine site that allows men and ladies to find romance leading to marriage.

    I could write many pages about what we have learned over the many years that we have been in business and why we have taken decisions for the site to work as it does, including pricing, however I will try here to briefly address the findings from your article.

    There are many things that you point out on the site that I am pleased about, including having a good range of ladies from young to older and from extremely beautiful to not so beautiful. We have professional standards about ladies profiles and photographs and will only accept professional photos that show the lady in the best light – including dress standards. You will not find any ladies in our galleries who are dressed in bikini’s in their main profile photo. We do not use sex to attract men to the site.

    I am also pleased that you point out that many of our photos have been stolen by other sites and used without our permission, or more importantly, the ladies permission. This is a real problem for us. You mention photos on our site that appear to be photo-shopped – we would remove any of these immediately if we found them.

    Sadly there are a number of indicators which you have not tested before you posted the article – to which you admit.
    We have 24 hour support via telephone and skype and you could have contacted us at any time to enquire about issues in the article which you have left for the readers to determine for themselves. I would be delighted if you go the extra step and find out the information and follow up to your article. As an example, you have posted your article and given us a rating of ?/5 for technical support when a simple call or email would have shown you our response time and exceptional customer service.

    When you visit the site you can see that there are ladies on line – using the site and corresponding with men. Their profiles are there under the On-Line banner and I think that these are the “advertisements” that you refer to. When you register, your profile is highlighted as new and any of these On-Line ladies will of course want to meet you. That is why you will get an immediate response. If this appears to be auto generated I am sorry – I cant help that.

    However, if you have written to 5 ladies and have not had a response in 48 hours, as you state, then we are obviously not auto generating replies. A scam site would have responded to you immediately.

    You are correct that the dating scene is full of scammers and that means that many of the men that find our site have already had bad experiences elsewhere and come to us with preconceived opinions. Those that use our site change these opinions quickly.

    I offer money back guarantees for any site costs that men have incurred when a lady is proven to be a scammer. Additionally the agency that she was registered with is fined and the ladies profile is posted onto our Exposed Scammers section – which you did not mention.

    We have also made a contentious decision that differentiates us from other sites to prevent ladies using scam tactics or sex to attract your attention – please let me explain. When a lady registers with us, we check her identification including retaining photos of her passport. We check that she is not married or in a relationship and is suitable for the site. We arrange professional photos for her that are suitable for the site and we insist that she writes her introduction letter to men.

    This means that her introduction letter is pre-written and can only be about herself. It is effectively her CV that she must use to attract men on the site. She cant use sexually explicit letters and she cant write a letter after reading your profile that lists her interests the same as yours to trick you into believing you are a perfect match.

    Many men don’t like this approach and see it as fabricated. However we want men to look at the profiles and read the introductory letter and choose for themselves who they think is a match for them – based on the criteria he had in mind when he started his search, not some explicit photo or letter that alters his thinking or drives him away from our site.

    If you register on the site, any lady who is logged in can see your profile and easily send her introductory letter. It is only when you respond to her that she is free to write in response. This includes nudging. If you have written to a lady or nudged her, then you have shown interest and you bypass the compulsory introductory letter requirement.

    The letter from Natalie that you received and that you have copied in your article is a disappointment to me. I am hopeful that this is not a bad introductory letter that has slipped through, but rather a poor response to a nudge that you may have sent. It does not matter how, the letter is bad and I must address this.

    One of our Ukraine directors is a licensed travel agent and we can arrange all your travel and accommodation requirements through the site for you. You can request a quote and itinerary and we will gladly send this to you. You are not compelled to use us.

    You have not compared pricing yet and again I would be delighted if you do follow up when you have done some benchmarking.

    There are sites that charge a simple joining fee or a monthly subscription and you are free to write to any ladies for free and exchange contact details. I say that any site that does this has a callous attitude and you use it at your own risk.

    We offer money back guarantees and that is why we prefer that all communication is through the site. We allow you to buy a ladies contact details, if she agrees, but you waiver any of our guarantees if you do this. How can we control the communication and reimburse you if you are communicating directly?

    We charge 100 credits ($100) for her details and we make no apologies about this. We want you to be absolutely sure you want her details before you make the decision to invest the cost. It is about the same price as a nice meal in a restaurant for 2 people.

    We don’t charge a joining fee, there is no monthly subscription and there are no recurring costs. You merely use the site when you wish at a pace that suits you. If you find your special lady after only 1 letter and marry her then we celebrate. That is what we are here for.

    We have been in business for 9 years so we are not one of the sites that you mention that comes and goes. We have had success including marriages and we delight with every one of them.

    During these 9 years we have exposed many scam agencies and ladies. In fact our criteria is so strict that most scam agencies don’t bother with us. We identify them, we fine them and we publish their photos on the site. We are just not worth their trouble.

    As I mentioned, I could write many pages as to why we have chosen to do things the way we do. The primary reason is transparency. You have indicated everything about our site including all our pricing and who the owner is without having to join or ask – it is all on the site for you.

    We would be delighted to receive any enquiries about us and we will gladly answer. Our contact details are on the site, including our photos! Email us at if this is easier.

    I look forward to future posts.

    • Admin says:

      Hello Keith,
      I am really glad that you find me and took your time to give some nice and detailed answer. Thanks a lot for your feedback, specially explaining the part of the letters being written beforehand. I have edited the section of “scores” as I think it was sort of silly from me. Also, I’ll give further revision to the post and invite the readers to check your comment (as it is way helpful).
      Feel free to contact me for any further discussion on the topic, and my best wishes for you and Ukrainian Brides Agency.

  2. Juergen says:

    This agency scams for sure – pick a random profile and check it and you will find the profiles on many “serious” sites – make up your own mind.

  3. WeFightScam says:

    UBA is scam and just google some of their women. They are all over the internet on marmeladies, toplop, AFA and more

    STAY AWAY – You are just loosing time and money!!

  4. Jeffrey Just says:

    My biggest concern with this site, I’ve gone ahead and paid the money to talk to a few. One lady, we have communicated back and forth many times. At 4 credits a pop. She has actually said she feels the connection and believes I am “her man” However when I brought up that I wanted to pay the $100 for her contact information she was unwilling to do so. Said she wanted to develop our relationship further by using the site because of translation issues. WTF? I said I refused to continue paying $4 per letter when I could just plop down the $100 and then we could communicate freely as often as we wanted. I told her I didn’t need the agency to make the travel arrangements for me, I am well traveled and could do that myself. But NOPE, still didn’t want me to pay for her contact information. SO… I’m starting to believe the ladies are compensated for the number of letters they can get you to send them..

  5. kenneth says:

    i would like to correct something you wrote……

    There are lots of things that make me feel that this website has some scam profiles. The fact that so many ladies contact you in such a short period of time (as I am writing this I think there are already 12 women), the fact that all of them will send you a message and then invite you to chat, and finally the fact that the reply rate of nudging is 100%… All of this seems quite automatic…

    there is a reason for this and i couldnt figure it out at first either. at the top of the screen you will notice a button of sorts that says busy or available. if you dont change it to busy every lady who is online will reach out to you.i have had as many as 50. i highly recommend staying away from ladies from kharkov but if you do please find out the name of their agency. if it is diolli i highly recommend to stay away. diolli is a scam site run by svetlana muhka. she is a fraud.

    as for my experience, i met my lady on this site and after 4-5 short months of writing,video chatting and meeting face to face in kiev ( a late birthday present for my lady since i couldnt make it due to work ) we are getting married. her kids love me and i love all 3 of them. i feel this site to be very legit compared to dioli in kharkov. if one should find a lady here from kharkov ask her the name of her agency. if its diolli stay away from tis lady. she is on the payroll of svetlana. i know first hand.

    i recommend ladies from poltava, nikolaev,odesa, kherson,Kropivnitsky,zhytomyr and even kiev. i have been to 4 of these cities and they are all great. my favorites are poltava and nikolaev. i recommend this site

  6. Lucabrats says:

    I’ve been a member of the site for four months and have had relatively good experience with actual meeting with some women. However, I’m noticing a disturbing trend. Please see my letter below that I recently sent to the site. I’m waiting for a reply. I will provide an update based on the reply I received from the website. By the way, Ukrainian Brides appears to be the same company as Natasha Club, 1st International and The Inspirations Company LLC. It’s not clear how they are legally affiliated.

    “To Whom it May Concern,
    I would appreciate if my letter would reach someone in management that can address some of my concerns with some of the woman that I’ve communication with. I’m noticing a trend that is making me question the integrity of the site based on my experience over the past four months. I know it’s impossible to filter out all suspected scammers and women that don’t have serious intentions but, I’m finding this trend to be disturbing as well as very time consuming and costly.

    Since I’ve been a member of your site, I’ve communicated with many women. I’ve been successful with meeting some of them on my trips to Ukraine. However, the majority of women that I obtain their direct contact information disappear after 1 -3 direct emails without any explanation or they state they are too busy to meet and they stop replying to emails. Keep in mind that I’ve been traveling to Ukraine almost every other Month, unusually two weeks at a time, and theirs numerous opportunities to meet. I’ve stayed optimistic and have supported your site including recommending the site to some of my male friends. However, based on this trend, it leads to believe some women are strictly on the site for financial benefit and do not have serious intentions to develop a relationship and meet with a man.

    I would be more that happy to provide a list of women that I’ve experience this trend with and I would appreciate your consideration to refund credits as appropriate. Please advise at your earliest convenience.

    Thank You,

    • Hit By Lightning says:

      Well Lucabrats, its 5 months ago since you wrote the letter to them and I haven’t seen their reply … so WHAT DOES THAT TELL YOU !!!!! …
      IMO … you should consider listing ALL the women sp others will know!

  7. Leon says:

    This agency scams for sure

  8. Robert says:

    I joined this site because of the reviews on the internet,I think this is a scam to get money from you,I sent 110,00 dollars to get a lady’s contact number,guess what she is not really interested at all,I asked for refund and awaiting to see what happens,I would avoid this site and go to Russian Cupid..bad site

  9. Robert russen says:

    I joined this and it’s a scam,I talked with lots of women,I paid 120 dollars for a number of a lady,she wanted communication,guess what maybe one or 2 messages,no Skype and then no contact,it’s a complete scam,complained asked for money back.going to my bank to request,think I will stick to just going again to Ukraine,avoid this company at any cost