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Online Dating Profile

So you’ve decided the time has come to sign up to a dating site and search for a Ukrainian bride to marry. For most people, online dating is outside of their comfort zone. It’s a little easier to meet people through friends and socializing locally, maybe at the local bars or club. But, boldly going into the online dating world can be a little scary. How do you start? Well, think of it as applying for a job. When you apply for a job, especially online, you submit your resume and letter of application to the potential employer. That application contains the profile that you want the employer to see, so they can see why you stand out from the rest of the field and create their interest in wanting to meet you.


Creating an online profile on a Ukrainian dating site (or any other kind of dating website) is a very important first step in your search for a lifetime partner. The best way to increase your chance for a success is to treat your profile as though it is a job application; you want to stand out from the crowd. One of the most important points and the most vital components in your online profile is good quality photos, clear sharp and of you in a normal situation, they should be recent and not of you semi clothed. This is the most important part of your profile, as with men the first thing any woman will look at is your photos. And guys, it doesn’t matter how good looking you were ten years ago, you need to upload recent photos!


Next comes the written part, where you will need to fill in the form with as much information about you as possible. You should try to write as much about you as possible, but at the same time keeping it short and simple. The simple part is very important if you are visiting Ukrainian, Russian or other countries dating websites, not everyone out there is fluent in English, so try to keep it simple and with no fancy words.

Women are very impressed with sincerity more than anything, you do not need to make up some great story, just be yourself. Despite what many people think, you do not have to be a millionaire or super rich to find beautiful and interesting person out there, so there is no need to worry about this, if you are wealthy, it is best not to make a big show of it, many women can be put off with it, and may consider you think they are for sale. Yes, there is a whole market revolving around these kinds of websites, but you don’t want a bride who is only going after your money, do you? So keep it modest then.


Be creative! Perhaps this is the most important thing, out there are thousands of profiles which go with all the same stuff: “I am a funny person” a “simple person” “I enjoy life”, etc… all these phrases could describe technically anyone! So if you say you are funny, go into details, what is it that makes you funny? If you consider yourself “adventurous” go on and tell a little about your big adventures, and so on.

Best of luck with your dating.

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