Group travel to Ukraine


A Bunch of guys looking for a place to travel? Try Ukraine.

First, it’s just Ukraine. Not “The Ukraine” as you might hear so often. Or to say it as the locals do, Ukrayina. That is just the first of many misconceptions floating around about the second largest country in Europe. For comparison, Ukraine is almost the same size as Texas. It is mostly fertile plain or “Steppe” although there are mountains on the Crimea and in the west.
Ukraine is rich in natural resources, but has the historical misfortune to be at the crossroads of Europe and Asia. She had been fought over and subjugated for centuries. Ukraine has a bad economy, but it is getting better. People are more confident about the future. The literacy rate approaches one hundred percent, and the percentage of people with higher education degrees exceeds that of the United States. The country has a bright future, and a visit can place the visitor in the unique position of seeing the transformation.


Travelling to Ukraine


Ukraine presents an amazing array of travel possibilities not thought of by the average traveler. From the bustling capital of Kiev to resorts on the Black Sea, Ukraine offers any visitor a variety of options. From rock climbing on the Crimea to exploring the ancient history of Kiev and its wonderful monuments and churches, to thriving nightlife in all the major cities, a traveler to Ukraine should not be bored. For the single man, the journey can be even more.

Ukraine boasts being home to some of the most beautiful women in the world. And not just a few, but in huge numbers. Everywhere you go, beautiful women can be found. Walking down the sidewalks, resting in the parks, eating in the cafés. Perhaps the greatest concentration of beautiful women anywhere in the world.


And interestingly enough, they are the opposite of what the perception of beautiful women in the United States is, if you take the time to get to know them. They are approachable, genuine, and interesting. They are a wonderful combination of feminine grace and inner strength. Much has been written about American men meeting women from Ukraine to marry, and like other information about Ukraine, much of it is rooted in misconception. Are women from Ukraine interested in finding a better life? Of course they are. Are there instances of women using American men for money or travel? Of course. But they are the small exception, not the rule. The vast majority are women genuinely interested on meeting a good man. Why? First, just the numbers. There are a lot more single women than men. And some men being what they are, when they find that they live in a place with so many choices, they have a have a hard time choosing to marry and be faithful to one woman. And there is the chance for more economic opportunity. In that I mean they are looking for jobs themselves that will pay them something beyond a pittance.

So it might be said that they are “looking for something.” Who isn’t? Can any man tell me with a straight face that any American woman they meet is not, especially the more attractive ones? You will find that the list from the Ukraine woman is far shorter. And the rewards for taking the chance are much higher. If you are a man looking to meet a woman that you can spend the rest of your life with, than Ukraine is a great place to look. The divorce rate for American men that marry women from Eastern Europe is less than half what it is if they choose an American woman (less than 20%). But be warned, if you go, you will never want to look any place else! And even if your trip is more on the informal side, you will still have a great time.


Travel to ukraine

Why travel in a group? Why not? You will be able to save on travel expenses like taxis and trains, and you might even find group discounts on bulk airfares. But be smart, look at many different travel options. Consider alternatives when booking a flight, like traveling one airline to a major European city and then changing to Ukrainian International or Aerosvit. Aerosvit also offers a good fair out of New York. Take the overnight trains or hire group taxis. And don’t be afraid to rent local flats as opposed to hotels. You can save money. If you do decide to meet a woman before you go, she will be a great resource for you. Don’t be an “Ugly American.” Don’t assume that you are better or that you deserve the people to be subservient to you. Get to know some of them and it will be rewarding. Learn some of the history and customs, and some of the language (Russian or Ukrainian). Look on the internet for deals. Also, try some of the dating sites (like the ones we will start reviewing here on the site). Write some letters, get to know some of the women. I can tell you from personal experience that if you choose to embark on this journey, you will never regret it. At worst, you will have a good trip. At best, you might find the love of your life. Each day when I wake up next to my wife I am very grateful that I decided to do it.

A visa is no longer required for US Citizens, as well as the Citizens of Canada, Japan, and the EU for stays under 90 days. So if you have your valid passport, you are ready to go….have fun!

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