Independence Day of Ukraine Doodle 2014

Ukraine Independence Doodle 2014

One of the things I love about Google team is their creativity behind each and every product. The doodles are perhaps one of the funniest features of the biggest search engine in the world. The doodles are personalized images that replace Google’s cover according to different dates, in some occasions these are due worldwide events (for example, Germany was in the cover this year after they won the World Cup), but most of the time we see Doodles for the national festivities.

As we are a blog that talks about Ukraine, I felt the necessity of mentioning that on 24th of August is the Independence Day of Ukraine, and a new Doodle will be showing up (I’ll upload the picture as soon as it gets released,Update: De design has been revealed). So, Happy Independence Day!

The Act of Declaration of Independence (АктпроголошеннянезалежностіУкраїни) was signed on this date, after a referendum in which more than 80% of the population participated and more than 90% voted on favor. After that Ukraine got its Independence from the USSR.

We leave here some images of the Doodles of previous years.

This was the Doodle released a year ago, which shows some of the traditional handcrafts with the traditional patterns.

Ukraine doodles

Personally I found the Doodle of 2012 to be the best, as it shows a stork in a nest with its breeding. The Stork is the national bird of Ukraine.

Ukraine Independence Day 2012 Doodle

The 2011 shows a field on sunflowers under a cloudy sky, it also symbolized the colors of the flag.

Ukraine doodles

In 2010 was the first time Google released a Doodle specific for Ukraine’s Independence day. It featured a man playing a Bandura.

Ukraine doodles

So, which one did you like the most?

For more information about the Independence Day you can check out the Wikipedia article.

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