How to test if a dating site is real


Testing an Ukraine dating site

How do you determine if a Dating Site is Legitimate? 


With more and more dating sites appearing every week on the internet it is important to make sure you choose a genuine site, where you know the site is genuine, and so are the women. Many sites will appear overnight only to disappear a few weeks later, many expect to make a quick killing, but it is not so easy. Legitimate dating sites are built and gain a reputation after several years’ hard work.

Firstly any site that does not have a presence in the specific country search engines is very unlikely to have real women on the site. For example: a Russian dating website should show up in the Russian version of Google, and (the most famous search engines), or a dating site about Colombian girls should give some results in the Google Colombia, and so on (There may be some exceptions, and perhaps considering Bing and Yahoo results is also an option). This is quite obvious, if the page doesn’t show up in that country, where would the women come from? How would they find the site? If you find a site that is full of stunning women, all size 10, blonde hair, blue eyes who are always online, you can be sure it will be a fake site with fake women trying to make you part with your money.


The majority of dating forums are full of guys complaining about being scammed out of money from dating sites, usually the same few sites all the time, these sites are clearly a con, they make you believe these stunning beautiful women have nothing to do all day except sit online and chat with men, when in fact they do not even exist. Again where do they find their ladies? They bring them out of thin air?

There are several good genuine dating sites out there, take for example  a site that has been established several years now, and which has built prestige, with big companies like CNN and Fortune having reviewed their service.


Anastasia Date is been running since 1993, and is perhaps one of the oldest dating sites out there.

So, going back to how to find the proper website. Try getting into the search engines previously mentioned and type some queries, for example, it could be “іноземнізнайомства ” meaning “foreign acquaintance ” in Ukrainian, as you would expect any Legitimate dating site would expect to be found by women interested in dating foreigners. If the site you are trying is not found how will the ladies find the site? Now you may be starting to understand how most of these sites containing only young stunning model looking women are unlikely to be fake sites.


Best of luck in your searches for Russian and Ukrainian brides.

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