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If you are reading this article, for sure you were looking for some information related about all those dating websites that invite you to meet Ukrainian girls online and even those others who offer you the opportunity to find your “wife” in an easy and fast way. Undoubtedly, Internet has shorten the gap in meeting people, and I can assure you that you can actually meet girls this way, but of course, there are some important things you need to know.

Whether you have started online dating or chatting with someone, or you are just curious about how this works, this article will give you a brief insight about what to expect of these websites, and even more important, what to do once you decide to take the next step.


Dating online

First: Why are all these websites out there?

For sure you are wondering why all of a sudden the internet is flooded with this kind of websites, and even more important: are these girls for real? Well, the situation in Ukraine goes like this: their population has been decreasing in the last years and there is a ratio of 8 men for each 10 girls, so without any lies in between: yes, there is a lack of men there. So yes, there are ladies who are using internet for trying to find a relationship.


Of course this comes with a lot of shady things in between that range from fake profiles to dating websites that are tricky, but today I won’t go into that (but I will later on).

Second: How are Ukrainians?

Well, as I said at the beginning of this blog: there is not just “one kind” of woman and this is true for any place in the world where you go. Stop generalizing people! There are beautiful girls, and also ugly ones; there are extrovert ones, but also shy ones; and of course, there are those who are truly looking for a partner, and others who are just looking for some fun (or maybe something else). Nevertheless Ukrainians are famous because of their beauty.


Ukraine is not exempt from all the trends in the world, and therefore you can expect most of the girls to be aware of the trendy things: music, gossip, fashion, etc. All of them (boys and girls) are familiar with modern western music, all the television shows that are trendy, and of course the Hollywood movies of the season. For sure you could be surprised of how much of the “pop” entertainment is seen there.

Ukrainian girls grow in a multicultural society, with a big influence from Russia and the neighbor countries. It is common that they are bilingual or even trilingual, being Ukrainian and Russian the most common languages and English more common in recent years. English is gaining more popularity in recent years for educational and job opportunities motivations.


Speed Dating Ukraine

Third: How about dating?

Well, after several weeks or maybe months of chatting with a girl you may have decided to make the big leap and travel to meet her and start dating in person, the question now is what to expect? I may not be the most accurate opinion in the world, but the classic scenario is the man expected to pay the bills, a situation to which you should be careful. Generally speaking this is true wherever you go in the world, there will be lots of girls that will expect you to pay, and you got to have some common sense of how far you want to go on with this, and even more important how much you want to spend on this.

Don’t be the classic fool that will fall into something like: “buy me and my friend a whiskey or either leave”. There may be easy-to-know girls and hard-to-know girls, but this falls completely in other category 😉

And of course, before you book your flight and go running to Kiev, be calm minded and take your time. I will also come back into that soon enough.

Till then.

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