Ukraine Women: The most beautiful in the world?


Which is the country with the most beautiful women in the world? Definitely, it would be hard to write down a list of which are the countries with the most beautiful women and handsome men in the world, but a fast thought can bring to our minds some countries. Of course the perception of beauty is at the end something subjective and varies with the time. Nevertheless we can agree that Ukraine is one of the countries with some of the most gorgeous women in the world.

There is not a clear stereotype of how Ukrainian women look like. There is a great diversity in tones of skin, heights and color of the eyes: the combination between the Caucasian and Russian features is clear. Generally they have mid tanned skin, with gold toned hair; light colored eyes that can be soft brown, green or blue. The height varies, but it usually goes from 1.60 meters (5’ 3) up to 1.78 (5’ 10) being the average 1.67 (5’ 6).


Ukraine Women ready for football

But is not just the physical appearance, Ukraine women have a high perception of fashion and like to take care of their bodies and their appearance. Just a quick look in the streets of cities like Kiev or Odessa can proof this to be true.


As I said at the beginning, it would be hard to objectively define where the most beautiful women in the world are, but a quick look in any “ranking” of this type will feature Ukraine in the top positions. Bossip Magazine, for example, declares Ukraine as the 4th place; Guyism declares them as the place #17; etc… and Traveler’s Digest declared Kyiv’s women as the most beautiful women in the world, taking away the first place from Stockholm.

Ukrainian Girls on the streets of Kiev

How are Ukrainian girls?


It would be foolish to trying to make a stereotype of how people of one country are. Still there are some general things of how girls from Ukraine are. First of all: they have an important family nucleus and the traditions are important.

Second: there is growing feelings of independence and autonomy on them, which is making new generations being more ambitious and seeks for higher education and well paid works. Important feminist groups have originated in Ukraine, most famous one nowadays being Femen. Nevertheless there is still a big problematic of violence against women.


Third: For the rest is something that will vary. I won’t claim that Ukrainian girls love Eastern people, or that they are willing to get married as soon as the meet a potential husband. All that is half true half myth: there are women like that, and there are women that they are not.

Ukraine Girl Independence Day

The dark story about “Mail Brides”

After seeing some photos of how is the Ukrainian beauty, one would not get surprised that Ukraine is famous for the “mail order bride” and online dating sites. The first are organizations (International Marriage Agencies) which make business by connecting people from different countries and cultures by offering services of introduction, translation of correspondence and help in getting to meet them in person.

There is a lot of polemic on the topic, for one side criticism about the misogynistic business build upon this, and on the other side lots of scams going around the internet (the so called romance scam). There are of course good stories of people who have met this way, but well, a word of advice: do be careful in all these matters.

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  1. Used the Marmeladies for sometime… was mislead by translation personal, they just wanted to make money.. my option is just 30-40% of women on this sight are real, not coped profiles… plus this sight in Ukraine has a currency valued at .34 to the dollar, but charge all services at the USA dollar, however are billed from the Netherlands at 1.19 valued to the USA dollar.. this method is an over charge of 78%. All the product on the sight are over priced, however still over bill… I was declined access to the sight because filled a fraud charge with credit card… I feel most ladies are not aware of the scammers methods…

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