The Bond Girl: Olga Kurylenko


The Ukrainian-French actress Olga Kurylenko is one of the top actresses in Holywood nowadays. Her career as a model and actress began back in 1993 when she was discovered in Russia and after a couple of years she moved to Paris to see her dreams become true. Since then Olga Kurylenko has been working with different model agencies. But the story doesn’t end there. Actually the name Olga Kurylenko is highly associated as “the action heroine” in several movies, and in the next years I’m sure we will keep hearing a lot about her.

Models from Ukraine Olga Kurylenko

Who is Olga Kurylenko?


Her complete name is Olga Kostyantynivna Kurylenko, she was born on the 14th of November 1979 at Berdyansk, Ukraine (back then part of the USSR). Her father is Ukrainian while her mother is Russian; overall she has Russian, Belarussian and Ukrainian roots.

Her career as a model began when she was 14 and was spotted by a model agent in Moscow. She began working for Madison in Paris in 1996, and after a couple of years she had already worked for magazines like Vogue, Madame, Figaro and Elle. She has also worked as a model for Victoria’s Secret and Roberto Cavalli, and is been the “favorite” for Kenzo advertisement in several occasions.


Famous Women from Ukraine Olga Kurylenko

Olga Kurylenko as an actress

Her career as a movie actress began in 2005 in the movie Hitman (2007) where she performed the role of Nika Boronina. A lot of people wouldn’t forget the face of ‘Nika’ in that movie and it didn’t take long for her to jump into her most iconic paper: a Bond Girl.


Ukraine Women: Olga Kurylenko

Do you remember this face? Olga Kurylenko became Camille Montes, a Bolivian rebel and eventually lover of James Bond, in the 22nd movie of the saga: Quantum of Solace (2008). After these two movies the role of Olga Kurylenko has been defined as the gorgeous girl you should not mess with, but for real, you would not like to mess with her.


Other recent movies include To The Wonder (2012)  as Marina –ok- this was not an action movie; and in Oblivion (2013) as Julia Rusakova Harper (what a name!). And future movies include A Perfect Day and Mara (both for 2015).

Famous Ukrainian Women

Olga Kurylenko Photos

As I said at the very beginning of this blog: it is hard to define exactly how Ukrainian Women look like. Olga Kurylenko look has changed a lot during the years, and perhaps the only thing that has preserved on her look is those green eyes. A beautiful woman undoubtedly!

Ukrainian Women: Olga Kurylenko

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