What type of man are Russians looking for? – Are you on their list?


Those lucky ones who have traveled to Russia, or those who already know a Russian woman online or in person will often get the following questions:

What do you do to get them to like you? How do you get a conversation going with them?  What type of man do they want? These are interesting questions that one always wonders when trying to approach a woman, but as in each country, their expectations are different. And Russia is no exception to this rule.


This short article will answer these questions as clearly as possible.

It is famously known that Slavic women at first can seem to be cold and distant. That’s because they don’t usually trust strangers, even less foreigners. To break through this layer of ice the magic formula is to earn their trust, either with words or with actions (it is even better if it is the second).


So what kind of man are Slavic girls looking for? As general opinion among them can be summarized simply as this: A man has to be clear about what he wants in life. This means that they prefer men who are  independent, brave (in a really traditional sense: those who can protect the home). They also appreciate men who have a good sense of humor (sometimes spicy, but mind you, the sense of humor in these countries can sometimes be unconventional to foreigners).

It is also important to remark that they prefer tall men. The average height in Russia changes a lot (remember that is a huge country), so the national average is 1.64 m, but there are a lot of women above 1.84 and also 1.55 m. In general we could say that short men (below 1.60 m may have a hard time finding a woman).


Neat in all senses. Slavic girls like men who take care of themselves but also of their homes. Being neat is a highly respected aspect and you should aim for it.

And most importantly: It is not necessary to be rich, but to be able to offer you a “better” life than the one you already have.


We know this is a short post and sure we have left aside many points. We still hope it gives you a good starting point on how to approach Russian girls. But before we forget it: two last points to remember. Families are important, and most women want to have families with several children, so keep this in mind as well!

And finally, do not think that by being your girlfriend she will change her tastes for yours. This may cause conflicts, which you will have to learn how to balance out as a couple.

Wishing you luck, champion!

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