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HotRussianBrides.com Review: No Such Thing as Free

Hot Russian Brides

HotRussianBrides offers an “international matchmaking” service in which the user registers a profile, and after registration, they may browse the many profiles of available Russian women. The most notable feature of this site is the video chat, where the user has the opportunity to interact via live video with the woman selected from their profiles. If you’re willing to pay for it, that is. While HotRussianBrides.com does offer a free Bronze membership, your options are extremely limited. Even though it is free to sign up, you will find that everything on this site has its cost, and the prices do seem to be on par with other Russian dating sites operating on a credit system. The site is also a little difficult to navigate if you are trying to read the fine print, but it is more transparent than, say, RussianBrides.com. Free account on Hot Russian Brides There are memberships that range from Bronze, which is the free version of the site, and the possibility to upgrade to Silver, Gold and Platinum. The difference lies in the amount to pay per month ($9.99, $29.99, and $49.99) and the amount of bonus credits given to each level. This means that regardless …

Review Russian-Dating


The site Russian Dating has a long history in the Internet. For what we could find on the web, the site existed back since 2000 and apparently has been in the hands of a couple of different companies. In this article we will focus in the current company running the site and who’s there since 2010. First impressions Compared to many other sites of this style, Russian-Dating.com seems to be quite outdated. The interface resembles to one of those old websites pre-MySpace time. Actually a fast look gives us more this impression: the footer is outdated and simply tells us that the site existed from 2010-2011. The website announces itself as a 100% free website, so I decided to go ahead and create an account. I didn’t get the email immediately so in the meantime I decided to start browsing around the website to see  what I could find. Also, the website is available in 5 languages: English, German, Russian, Italian and French. Small community Russian Dating seems to be a website that targets both women and men looking for a couple. This is quite unusual as usually these websites try to target only men. On the left hand of the website …