Is Toplop a safe site?

One of the most popular dating sites out there is Toplop, which is also one of the oldest sites in the niche. They operate since 2007 and specialize in dating in Ukraine and Russia, and in a minor proportion Belarus, Moldova, Kazakhstan and other east European countries.

This post will explain how Toplop works, the background of the company and finally determine whether Toplop is a safe website or not. But in case you can skip the long story, we can summarize as follow: proceed with care as this site has been involved in several problems. Even though they have worked hard in correcting them, we are uncertain of labeling this site as fully safe.

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What’s special about Toplop?

  • Experts in the field. As previously mentioned, Toplop has been around for already 10 years and counting. This places them in a nice spot: there’s plenty of users who have tried their service and their testimonies are available online in their site and also in forums.
  • Friendly interface. The user interface of Toplop is simple and straightforward. Creating an account will take less than 5 minutes and you can immediately start browsing profiles.
  • Allows exchange of personal information. An important difference between Toplop and other dating sites is that exchanging personal information and contact details between the users. As a matter of fact, in their FAQ they state that they encourage users to do so.
  • Translations. These are offered in both directions and they are included in the cost of each message.
  • Sending gifts. In order to express your feelings you can also send presents such as sweets, champagne and others. The deliveries are done within 5 business days and you will get pictures of the delivery moment.


How much does it cost?

  • Registration is free of costs.
  • Sending winks (short notes expressing your interest) is free.
  • Opening and sending messages comes with a cost of one credit for each.
  • The price of each credit depends on the amount of credits you buy. Starting with 2 credits for $9 USD (4.5 USD for each message) up to 50 credits for $129 USD (2.58 USD for each message,a round 43% cheaper).

In order to get credit one can pay using credit cards (Mastercard, Visa or American Express). The payments are processed by Verotel or Multicards, both companies specialized in the processing of online payments.

Is Toplop a scam?

Toplop is an experienced company and is well aware that fighting scams is a priority in dating sites. Therefore they actively work in filtering and removing fake profiles, also it counts with a service that automatically detects suspicious messages.

It also encourages users to stay cautious of suspicious messages, some of which include: messages requesting money, payments for language courses, payments for Internet access or assistance in paying medical bills of them or their relatives, among others.

Remember to stay cautious of any money request online.

On the downside, there seems to be a negative consensus about the behavior of most women in the site, including a reluctance to provide their personal contact information. A constant flow of incoming messages. Most of the negative reviews date from at least 5 years ago, so we could guess that this activity has decreased.

A murky history behind

Unfortunately Toplop seems to operate in a shady way. First of all the company was previously registered under Cosmada Holdings, an organization that was dissolved in 2014, since then the company is registered in Belize under the name One Way LTD, a company from which little to no information is available online.

According to ScamAdviser (source) the website has been registered with free emails, which is odd for business that try to provide a serious image.
As a conclusion we would say that the site should have legit profiles, but attention must be paid.

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  1. WeFightScam says:

    Toplop is definitely scam – we met one woman and her sister in person in Nikolaev. One of them is a classic proven scammer who removed her profiles from a dozen sites in the meantime. Her sister is still up there and continues to send winks and standard blabla-letters even though she was standing next to her sisters date and she could easily ask for the phone number. That’s why we still have profiles there and monitor activities – in addition there are dozens of profiles which you can find on many other ‚serious‘ sites too. To prove we messaged one of them on 3 different sites and received completely different answers – so they are also working with paid chatting. All these information will be up on our website soon! Toplop is using the same tactics like all other PPL sites.