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Typical messages from UkraineBrides

hoax messages

Previous year I made a review from UkraineBrides Agency website which ended up reaching their eyes, and receiving an outrageous neglect of my opinion (I’m still convinced the website is either a scam or full of scam profiles). Today I got an email from the user OlgaSensualtity. Which, number one, is quite a name for a dating site (believe me, real women won’t aim for such nicknames), and the content’s of the message let me wondering once again about the website. I share it with you, now: Dear myusername , when I saw your profile, I felt a desire to know you closer. Perhaps it’s my intuition? In any case, I think it’s a good chance – perhaps now we make the best choice in our lives.)) I guess we both have a common goal – to overcome our loneliness, fill the emptiness in the heart with the warmth of love and family happiness, to find special person who will not be one of many – he seems to be created just for you / me. Perhaps I am too romantic but I want to find just such person. To complete each other perfectly, to understand, to support at any moment, to talk …

Stay away from Marmeladies

As I promised, I am doing little by little my benchmarking on dating websites and today I want to share with you my experience with the website of Marmeladies (link).  The review I will do is a little extensive, but if you just want to cut the gibberish and get to the point I will say it plain and simple: Stay away from this website!  

How to test if a dating site is real

How do you determine if a Dating Site is Legitimate?  With more and more dating sites appearing every week on the internet it is important to make sure you choose a genuine site, where you know the site is genuine, and so are the women. Many sites will appear overnight only to disappear a few weeks later, many expect to make a quick killing, but it is not so easy. Legitimate dating sites are built and gain a reputation after several years’ hard work. Firstly any site that does not have a presence in the specific country search engines is very unlikely to have real women on the site. For example: a Russian dating website should show up in the Russian version of Google, Yandex.ru and Rambler.ru (the most famous search engines), or a dating site about Colombian girls should give some results in the Google Colombia, and so on (There may be some exceptions, and perhaps considering Bing and Yahoo results is also an option). This is quite obvious, if the page doesn’t show up in that country, where would the women come from? How would they find the site? If you find a site that is full of …