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Russian-Brides-Club Review: Looks Too Much Like the “Competition”


If you are surfing the web looking for a dating site, or are looking to connect with a Russian girl to start a relationship, you will find several options. Among them, Russian-Brides-Club.com will be listed, ready to offer their services. However, if you have already browsed through several of these dating sites, you will come to an unavoidable conclusion: Russian Brides Club is a little too similar to their competitor’s sites, but with some inconsistencies that should make potential users approach this site with caution. Similarities between Russian Brides Club and NatashaClub The Russian Brides Club website offers the same free options as NatashaClub.com. It has the same options to register a profile and to browse other profiles in the site. Another resemblance lies in the availability of profiles from people from around the globe. This somewhat defeats the purpose of having a site that supposedly offers a connection with Russian women only, or at least that is what a regular visitor would think. Many reviewers online have evaluated NatashaClub as a worth visiting site despite scammers. However, upon closer look, Russian-Brides-Club resembles NatashaClub even in the company’s contact information. The telephone number is the same number, and the address …