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Elena’s Models Review

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After some months of being absent I decided to goa round reviewing some new websites. In this occasion I want to share my opinion about “Elena’s Models”, one of the largest dating sites which has been running since 1999 (originally with the name of Russian Personals). It is a dating site focused on women from Eastern Europe: Russia, Belarus and Ukraine mostly. If you are wondering if this site is legit or not, here I give you my experience. Registration is free but it is manually approved by the administrators. This process can take several hours but I found it great, as it gives some degree of security for the users in the website. As a matter of fact I need to congratulate the site for one fact: I gave a fake name and a fake address (as I am merely doing a review), they caught me on the spot by manually checking the profile and my IP Address. Uuups, my bad, after a couple of messages and being honest about my intentions they approved my free account. And yes, this is a good sign; they are indeed trying to protect their community! Once registered, Elena’s Models gave me a …