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Review about Ukraine Brides Agency

So here it goes it is time to get into the serious business of the site: review dating websites, chat websites and anything related to the love industry around Ukraine. Why? Because out there’s a ton of scam, and maybe the experience of one person (me) with the addition of your comments can help out other fellow brothers. Also, this kind of websites pop up, rise and disappear so fast that I will try to only review websites that have been running for a while (it is highly likely that a website arising in a month is full of fake profiles). So to begin this section I will check out how Ukraine Brides Agency (link) works out for me, my general experience and the ups and downs. A good aspect is that they have detailed information of how they operate which makes them (so far) look like a real service with a trustworthy personal; one of the downsides is that the company itself is operated by some “Keith Gordon” who resides at New Zealand and from whom I was not able to find much information (though, maybe I could try contacting them directly later on).

Roosh V: The wrong way of how to get girls

Roosh V

In the past weeks I have been thinking a little about what I actually want to do with the website. Talk about dating sites? Some gossip about Ukrainian women? While I was thinking about one and the other and digging for some sources I came across this weirdo who calls himself “Roosh V” (Daryush Valizadeh), who claims to have a Casanova lifestyle and to have a large experience flirting and getting girls all around the globe.  Roosh V, 34 years old, who was born on the “Flag Day”, is just the beginning of an awful introduction and invitation to join in the wagon of misogyny, and I will explain myself. The blog is being running for several years now, and while looking for random posts I found some to be quality material: what to do and not to do to approach to a girl, what are some common mistakes of guys while flirting, etc… but other posts are simply rants of an 8 year old kid who cannot handle rejection (at the end of the post I will mention the most hilarious posts I found in my +-40 mins browsing his site).

About dating and meeting Ukrainian girls

Speed Dating Ukraine

If you are reading this article, for sure you were looking for some information related about all those dating websites that invite you to meet Ukrainian girls online and even those others who offer you the opportunity to find your “wife” in an easy and fast way. Undoubtedly, Internet has shorten the gap in meeting people, and I can assure you that you can actually meet girls this way, but of course, there are some important things you need to know. Whether you have started online dating or chatting with someone, or you are just curious about how this works, this article will give you a brief insight about what to expect of these websites, and even more important, what to do once you decide to take the next step. First: Why are all these websites out there? For sure you are wondering why all of a sudden the internet is flooded with this kind of websites, and even more important: are these girls for real? Well, the situation in Ukraine goes like this: their population has been decreasing in the last years and there is a ratio of 8 men for each 10 girls, so without any lies in …