RussianBrides Review: Mystery Pricing with Lots of “Sex Appeal”

Russian Brides claims to be committed to introducing the most beautiful Russian and Ukrainian ladies for their member’s long term relationships or even marriage. But in reality, the site looks more like a money grab at worst, or at best, a misleading site that is really catering to Western men looking for a flirtatious or even erotic encounter with a young Russian woman who most likely isn’t interested in having a relationship with you outside the site. No judgment, if what you are looking for is a sexy pay-per-minute video chat, this is a secure site to do that. But if you want to find a Russian woman who really is looking for a serious relationship online, this is probably not the place to look. About Russian Brides is a member of the Anastasia group of dating sites, some of which we have already reviewed here. Reading reviews of the other dating sites operated by the same company will give you more insight into the kind of service offered by Other member sites include,,, and Russian Brides prides itself on being a leader in the industry and on their guarantee of member safety with a … Review: IMBRA Compliant with Mixed Opinions

Russian brides has been offering their services to men from all around the world since 1995. This consists of a dating service to connect you with the most beautiful women from Russia, Ukraine and other countries from Northern Europe. You can register your profile for free, and you may browse thousands of Russian women’s profiles. Even though registering, browsing and viewing the profiles on the website are free on NatashaClub, further actions are not. If you receive a message from any of the members, you must pay a variable amount of credits just to open a message. For some women, it can be as low as 1 credit, but for others the cost can reach up to 8 credits to read a message. Considering the fact that the minimum cost for the credits is $1 per credit, the cost for reading is pretty steep. However, NatashaClub stresses that this is necessary because, in many cases, translators are required and sometimes the girls don’t have internet access at home, and must access the site through their local dating agency. Compared to others, NatashaClub seems pretty legitimate There are hundreds of testimonials on the website claiming it’s the perfect site to meet … Review: No Such Thing as Free

Hot Russian Brides

HotRussianBrides offers an “international matchmaking” service in which the user registers a profile, and after registration, they may browse the many profiles of available Russian women. The most notable feature of this site is the video chat, where the user has the opportunity to interact via live video with the woman selected from their profiles. If you’re willing to pay for it, that is. While does offer a free Bronze membership, your options are extremely limited. Even though it is free to sign up, you will find that everything on this site has its cost, and the prices do seem to be on par with other Russian dating sites operating on a credit system. The site is also a little difficult to navigate if you are trying to read the fine print, but it is more transparent than, say, Free account on Hot Russian Brides There are memberships that range from Bronze, which is the free version of the site, and the possibility to upgrade to Silver, Gold and Platinum. The difference lies in the amount to pay per month ($9.99, $29.99, and $49.99) and the amount of bonus credits given to each level. This means that regardless … Review: Where Russian Ladies Sign Up on AnastasiaDate

elena-anastasia- russian is an international dating site that works as the counterpart to Anastasia Date, a top international online dating site. Just like men register on Anastasia Date to find their Russian soulmate, Svadba offers the opportunity for thousands of Russian and Ukrainian women to find their soulmates from anywhere in the world. This is the other side of the same service – the domain name is different to make things easier for women who don’t speak English. offers its services in order to help ladies from CIS nations find a serious, long lasting relationship in the USA, Canada, Western Europe or Australia. offers women a much wider range of services than any other dating agency. aims at providing services for women from countries like Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and Moldova, who are searching for serious, relationships and marriage. Anastasia and Svadba were founded in 1993 by a Russian-American couple. For any men reading this article, if you want to meet the women on, you need to sign up with an account on the sister site, Make sure you read our review of Anastasia Date first. What do ladies get with a free account? Because male … Review: Pricey and Closely Monitored


Anastasia Date (formerly known as Anastasia Web) is an online dating site that is verifiable and secure. It has thousands of Russian and Ukrainian women, who are purportedly seeking serious relations and even marriage with men from anywhere else in the world. If you are a single women, you can’t just sign up for the site; you have to go through a totally different process of application in order to confirm that you do really live in Russia (or Eastern Europe). In addition,  your profile and emails will be monitored to make sure you aren’t trying to get around the system or cheat the male members who pay for the site. Although many reviews of the site are positive in both their website and their app, there are still a number of things to take note of. Prices for Anastasia Web Contacting the ladies on Anastasia Date is a bit different than most of the other dating sites, and that would be because all of the emails of the women are monitored by staff. Apparently, to keep the legitimacy and good reputation of the site. There is also the need for translating most written correspondence, and this is included in the fees …