Review: No Such Thing as Free

HotRussianBrides offers an “international matchmaking” service in which the user registers a profile, and after registration, they may browse the many profiles of available Russian women. The most notable feature of this site is the video chat, where the user has the opportunity to interact via live video with the woman selected from their profiles. If you’re willing to pay for it, that is.

While does offer a free Bronze membership, your options are extremely limited. Even though it is free to sign up, you will find that everything on this site has its cost, and the prices do seem to be on par with other Russian dating sites operating on a credit system. The site is also a little difficult to navigate if you are trying to read the fine print, but it is more transparent than, say,

Hot Russian Brides

Free account on Hot Russian Brides

There are memberships that range from Bronze, which is the free version of the site, and the possibility to upgrade to Silver, Gold and Platinum. The difference lies in the amount to pay per month ($9.99, $29.99, and $49.99) and the amount of bonus credits given to each level. This means that regardless of the membership level, the user still has to pay to obtain credits, which in turn are needed to use the features of the site. The costs for any feature on the website is controlled by the credit system. For example, for video chatting, you might need 1 credit for every minute elapsed. seems limited in the options for communicating with the women and for establishing any kind of connection beyond the site. First of all, free members can’t even open a message in their inbox for free, and even Platinum members are limited to 50 intro messages and 30 follow-up messages per month before they have to pay extra credits. Secondly, no personal information can be given or received through the mails and messages, which would make it difficult to form an actual relationship with a person.

Hot Russian Brides

Are the women on Hot Russian Brides a scam?

The user can get a first impression of a lady through her introductory video. This option, of course, is available at a cost. The ladies on are very beautiful, maybe too beautiful, because they look like professional models with perfectly taken pictures. This begs the question of whether these women are even real, or at least whether they are actually looking for a serious relationship, and if so, why no real information can be exchanged.

All the facts point to Hot Russian Brides being a webpage actually designed as an online chat for men who like Russian women, but aren’t looking to find their soulmate.

Summary of

  • Unsecure webpage for chatting
  • Limited options for communication with the ladies
  • No way of meeting the ladies or proving they are real
  • Steep prices for simple chatting and messaging
  • Site is difficult to navigate

Reddit testimonial

One of the most useful pieces of information concerning Hot Russian Brides website is a thread created some years ago in  the subredit IAmA from Reddit. In the thread a worker of the site decided to talk honestly about the mail order brides scene as well as the company itself.

Her experience can be summarized, among other things, with:

  • She has indeed heard of success stories through their site, and even though scammers occur often, they try their best to prevent it.
  • On the other hand she tells about horror stories in which men expect the women to submit to everything they request. This goes against the idea of finding a partner and always results in problems.

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