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Anastasia Date (formerly known as Anastasia Web) is an online dating site that is verifiable and secure. It has thousands of Russian and Ukrainian women, who are purportedly seeking serious relations and even marriage with men from anywhere else in the world. If you are a single women, you can’t just sign up for the site; you have to go through a totally different process of application in order to confirm that you do really live in Russia (or Eastern Europe). In addition,  your profile and emails will be monitored to make sure you aren’t trying to get around the system or cheat the male members who pay for the site.

Although many reviews of the site are positive in both their website and their app, there are still a number of things to take note of.

Prices for Anastasia Web

Contacting the ladies on Anastasia Date is a bit different than most of the other dating sites, and that would be because all of the emails of the women are monitored by staff. Apparently, to keep the legitimacy and good reputation of the site. There is also the need for translating most written correspondence, and this is included in the fees of the site. Personally, I would find this type of constant email monitoring uncomfortable.

AnastasiaDate operates on a system of credits: sending OR reading a letter = 10 credits, each minute of chat = 1 credit, each minute of video chat = 2 credits. You can earn free credits by referring friends and doing certain account actions such as booking a free tour deposit (1000 credits), completing your profile (5 credits) or watching a video of one of the ladies (1 credit).

Credits costs are:

  • 1000 credits for $399.00
  • 500 credits for $249.00
  • 320 credits for $185.00
  • 160 credits for $96.00
  • 80 credits for $56.00
  • 40 credits for $30.00
  • 20 credits for $15.99

So in essence, simply opening and reading a message you receive from a woman on Anastasia Web will cost you anywhere from $4 to $8, depending on the credit package you get.

With this business model, there is a real possibility of the website hiring girls to “perform” by chatting and sending messages just to get your money.


Canceling membership

At AnastasiaDate, if you want to stop using the service, you have to give written notice, and unused credits will expire after 365 days. The women of AnastasiaDate are not allowed to have any kind of registration or participation in the database or website of other dating sites or similar competing services.

Now here’s the weird part for me: it is “strictly forbidden” to share URLs, email addresses, physical addresses or phone numbers with any other member. Now correct me if I’m wrong, but if you want a serious relationship with someone, aren’t you going to have to eventually take things off the dating website?

AnastasiaDate / AnastasiaWeb summary

  • Women have verified profiles
  • You have to pay for everything
  • Messages are monitored by the website
  • The costs add up really fast
  • Website could be paying girls to perform to get your money

Overall, the website simply leaves a really bad feeling about their true intentions.

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  1. miltonkiss says:

    Hello my marvelous site, (Anastasia Date .com) I have a problem, I am not receiving more letters, nothing, because in my hotmail box I do not receive anything in relation to all of you, no notifications or anything ?, I would very much that you could give me a hand please, I can not be without you Anastasia? , this is the best site, help me …, it was that gave a problem because I did not even choose to go out much by the way I only leave after marrying either with a wonderful Russian Woman or a Wonderful Evening Ukranian Girl, help me, Thank you very much I want to continue to be your customer, I really like your services, thank you very much. Thank you very much.

    • Admin says:

      Hello Miltonkiss,
      We do no represent AnastasiaDate as we are only a reviewing site. I’ll recommend you to get in contact witht hem.
      Also, make sure to check your spam box at hotmail, or change the email of your account to prevent this.
      Kind regards,